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The description of OSToto Hotspot

If you have a wireless network card or a wireless adapter plugged into your computer, you can use OSToto Hotspot to create your own wireless network quickly and easily. It is an excellent solution if you have a smartphone or tablet, but not a wireless router. The application lets you know what devices are connected to your network and it gives you the possibility of deciding which ones can stay connected or not.

The application is absolutely free and it can be used on Windows XP and all later versions, including Windows 10. It doesn't need to be installed, so you can just download the application and run it immediately, without going through an installation process. Also, there are no special requirements you have to meet and you won't have to sacrifice too many resources.

All you have to do is click a button, on OSToto Hotspot's compact user interface and your Wi-Fi network will be up and running in just a few moments. Additionally, you can name you network and set up a password, on the upper part of the window. Devices that connect to your network will show in a list, on the same interface and you can allow them or remove the devices from your network and even add them to a blacklist, to block future connections.

To make things more convenient, the application can be set to launch and turn on the network automatically. Updating drives to the latest or recommended versions is another possibility

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