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The description of Messenger Reviver

Bye Bye Live Messenger: Microsoft shuts down its chat service. Users of the chat service will be prompted to switch to Skype . If you want to avoid the forced upgrade, use the "Messenger Reviver".

If you got on better with the 2009 or 2012 version of Windows Live Messenger , the Messenger Reviver gives you the option to bypass the update compulsion. By clicking on the "Messenger" button in the program you install the "Windows Live Messenger". The update prompts simply shuts off the Messenger Reviver. Then "Windows Live Messenger 2009" or "Windows Live Messenger 2012" starts as usual and you can chat on it.

Fans of "Windows Live Messenger" can breathe easy. With the help of the "Messenger Reviver" you keep the well-tried messenger for your chats

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