Linux Mint Cinnamon 32-bit

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The description of Linux Mint Cinnamon 32-bit

"Linux Mint Tara Cinnamon" is a modern desktop Linux for beginners. The distribution comes with a desktop environment based on GNOME 3 and a reasonable selection of preinstalled software packages. For example, various codecs for playing music and videos are already integrated. 3D effects, Windows interfaces and configuration tools are also standard. Clear software management gives you access to other games, graphics and image editing programs, office software, browsers and system tools. A convenient file manager helps you manage images, multimedia content, downloads or documents. Incoming emails, Twitter messages and other news will display an applet directly on the desktop. You have several work surfaces available, between which you switch by keyboard shortcut. Note: The file offered for download is an ISO file for a 32-bit processor. It must first be burned to a CD, from which you then install "Linux Mint Tara Cinnamon". Alternatively, run the operating system from a bootable USB stick or in a virtual machine.

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