Kali Linux 32-bit

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The description of Kali Linux 32-bit

"Kali Linux" is a project of the BackTrack developers and is aimed as a security OS to experienced users. Major innovation: The distribution now relies entirely on a Debian substructure and uses in our download version Gnome 3 as a standard desktop. Alternatively, official versions with KDE, Mate, Xfce, LXDE and Enlightenment E17 are available for download .

This brings several advantages: The connection to the Debian repository keeps the system up to date with the latest software versions - including test and unstable versions that keep you up to date. Access to the source code of all included tools facilitates quick adjustments.

The preseeding feature of Debian automates the installation of "Kali Linux"; This saves a lot of time in the company. Kali also allows you to create custom images that allow you to use a desktop environment of your choice.

Some of the preinstalled security tools include: Aircrack-ng , Nmap , Wireshark , Metasplot Framework , Burp Suite, John, Maltego, sqlmap, and zaproxy.

Tip: You will find extensive help for getting started in the official documentation .

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The new edition comes with updated applications. What has been done in detail, you can read in the blog of the developers

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