The description of Gramblr

To use Gramblr, you must first create an account for the tool and provide the user details of your Instagram account. Fortunately, the program allows for both in one step.

Once you're signed in, drag the image or video you want to add to your Instagram profile into the program window. Then you have, as usual from the smartphone variant, the ability to edit your image or video with different filters and other effects. In the last step, add a description and your hashtags and then upload it.

You can also set a schedule for your uploads so that the PC automatically uploads selected pictures and videos at a specified time interval and provides your followers with new content.

To push your profile in its popularity, you can buy Likes for your posts in the program. 1,000 Likes cost the equivalent of about six dollars. Alternatively, you can earn the tool's internal currency through the rating game, which gives you coins when you tag other users' pictures.

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