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The description of FreeGate

Freegate is mainly used by people in Iran, China and other such countries to have access to social media and video streaming sites. It is very easy to install and comes as an EXE file. Once you open the file, the program runs and you are free to decide which website you want to visit. Freegate runs in proxy mode when it runs, but you can also switch to Classic mode. Proxy mode means that you can use the Internet as usual, while in Classic mode you have to enter the restricted URL directly in the Dynaweb homepage.

Freegate not only allows the true freedom of the Internet, but is also free to download and use. It is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and it runs through Internet Explorer. Freegate is very fast and you hardly notice it's there at all. Just visit the page you want and let Freegate open the doors for you and guide you inside.

Freegate can be a bit error prone and does not always work the way it should. It can sometimes be very slow and error prone, and it can also be detected and tagged by all anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. Another drawback is the fact that Freegate is only available to Internet Explorer and Windows users. However, this program is still being improved by the developers and it may be a matter of time before these bugs are resolved and until the program is also available for Mac and Linux users and for other Web browsers.

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