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The description of Expat shield vpn

Expat Shield offers a free VPN connection to England. The user can surf anonymously on the Internet and get access to exclusive British Internet offerings such as the BBC live stream.

Public television broadcasters generally limit their live stream offer to their home country. Anyone who wants to watch BBC or ITV broadcasts live on the Internet must resort to a program such as Expat Shield: Via VPN connection, the user obtains a British IP address and is recognized as a resident of the United Kingdom.

Expat Shield runs in the background and can be turned on and off like a firewall. Within a few seconds of activation, you gain the new digital identity. The redirect slows down the connection only minimally and gives the user anonymity.

As a side effect of the free service, a toolbar is offered right at the program installation. By removing a check mark, the user can easily prevent this. In the web browser, a large banner ad is also displayed when the VPN connection is active.

Expat Shield is a practical tool that is not only interesting for British repatriates. The anonymous redirection gives you access to otherwise blocked content. About the displayed advertising you can see then happy.

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