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The description of Custom Skin Clock

Custom Skin Clock is a desktop version of a frame with a favorite photograph you keep on your desktop. Install your favorite pictures, photos of your family, dog, friends, unforgettable moments of your vacation or just a favorite picture on the clock face. The clock with your picture will be located on your desktop without interfering with your work. Custom Skin Clock is a FREE customizable analog clock located on the desktop. This elegant modern clock will make your desktop more interactive. You can easily move the clock on the desktop, adjust the scale, customize the clock face, change the color of clock hands and manage the clock position settings. It's FREEWARE. Simply click the 'Load image' button and the selected picture will appear on the clock face. You can select the part of the picture to be displayed: enlarge some part of the picture or show the entire image. What's New: now you can add digits to the face, change their font, size and color all users on one computer can create their own skins. Now skins are saved to a different folder for each user the hour hand changes its position relative to the minute hand

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