Circuit Design Suite

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The description of Circuit Design Suite

NI Circuit Design Suite is a series of programs and applications utilized in the EDA (Electronics Design Automation) environment. The software features two major components: Multisim and Ultiboard.

Multisim enables the user to generate a circuit design flow through simulation of virtual instrumentation and analysis of the same. This allows the user to identify errors in the circuit design flow and take on certain measures to correct the errors. Multisim processes include schematic capture (placing the components and circuit wiring), simulation (virtual instrumentation, analysis, graph and postprocessor), and reports (bill of materials).

Ultiboard on the other hand, enables the user to place all of the components and traces for the circuit. Ultiboard allows the user to create a board outline, place all components and traces onto the board, and prepare the board for manufacturing and assembly. The application allows auto part placement and auto-routing of traces. Ultiboard also allows the user to view the design in 3D. 3D-viewing is allowed at any stage of the design process. For multi-layered circuit boards, Internal View allows for viewing between the layers.

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