Arch Linux

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The description of Arch Linux

"Arch Linux" is a well-known Linux distribution whose goal is to enable a simple, self-designed Linux with many freedoms.

Unfortunately, however, Linux beginners will be overwhelmed with this approach, because "Arch Linux" omitted in the basic version of a graphical interface and an automated installation. Instead, you need to set up the operating system yourself with a set of Linux command line commands and do all the work like partitioning the hard disks or setting up the network connections yourself. A good orientation offers you here the instructions for beginners .

Once set up, you can use "Arch Linux"graphic interfaces such as Gnome or KDE.

Packages are managed under "Arch Linux" with the package manager, which you can use to update an existing "Arch Linux". So you do not have to re-install the system in a new version.

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