Adobe After Effects

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The description of Adobe After Effects

With After Effects, for example, you can create and / or complete motion design clips (intros for TV programs, typo animations, bumpers, etc.) or visual effects for film and television. In particular, the combination with 3D programs such as 3D Studio Max, Maya or Cinema 4D allows post-processing in After Effects film and combine with other (real or computer-generated) images. From Version 9 you also have the option to import 3D objects from Photoshop and edit them directly in After Effects.

Main tasks of the program are moving (animating) clips in a two- or three-dimensional space and manipulating videos through masks or effects. The viewer can fly through a three-dimensional space with the aid of a virtual camera and program artificial light sources for it. The aim of the program is the production of short, effect-loaded videos, z. B. Trailer or Vorsp? Nnen for television or advertising clips.

The existing functions can be extended by means of plugins, which can include, for example, new effects or particle systems.

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